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Metallic leaves necklace set Black necklace set featuring camels in gold and copper Necklace set with pink, purple and green Brown necklace with turtle pendant Green long original pendant necklace set Pink and green necklace set

Metallics in Jewelry

Using metals in jewelry gives a very unique look to pieces. It also gives the designer an opportunity to show off their engineering ability in getting a piece of metal to look beautiful.

Colors in Jewelry - Black

Black is a striking color to use in jewelry making. This jewelry set combines the subject of camels with gold and copper accents to make a conversation piece. 

Colors in Jewelry - Purple

Jewelry with multiple colors that are not usually seen together can be very eye-catching. This necklace set with large green beads, unusual purple and pink bead colors, are connected together with an unusual glass pendant.

Colors in Jewelry - Brown

Wood adds another medium in which jewelry is made today. This jewelry set has large focal beads with a cute turtle pendant to make it an exclusive jewelry design.

Colors in Jewelry - Green

This jewelry design is made of mixed materials - Italian marble gemstones, plastic and colorful leaves, metal balls and chain, and acrylic green beads. All of these materials together make a wonderful jewelry set that will get lots of compliments for the autumn season.

Colors in Jewelry - Pink

Bright pink and green make this jewelry set "stand out". The necklace's center is a pin that was originally clear and the beads were added to replace the clear spaces. Pins are another element that are used to add that uniqueness of an original design.

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Semi-Precious Gems

This necklace is made of the gem unakite. It's green with a peach color blended into the stone. In this design, the pointed stones are wired and glued around the oval main unikite stone to make the unique pendant you see. The photography skills (which is non-existent) cannot begin to show you the beauty of these stones.

Black and White

Black and white combined is still one of the most popular color sets in both jewelry and clothing. Here's a design that has white beads with flowers, black pointed spikes for a slighted modern look, and a white raised flower cabochon housed in a silver frame.  The bracelet is a stretch bracelet, and regardless of what you might think, spikes look stunning when worn in a necklace or bracelet.

Mixed Beads

The green and white bracelet above has two stretchable strands of beads that cross in the back to make an eye-catching design design. The large plastic beads on the front are combined with see-through green beads to make a bracelet that is very appropriate for the spring and summer months. This is part of a set of jewelry found in the green bead section.

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Current NewsSince this is a new hobby and a new website, please have patience with me as I work my way through this new venture.  I'm sure there will be some problems that I have not anticipated in the next few weeks - one of them is that I'll be working this summer as usual.  Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding. 


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Recent Events While working feverously on University of Alabama jewelry getting ready for football season, I realized it won't be long before it's time to start working on Christmas jewelry. Seasonal jewelry is like seasonal clothing - it's always coming up! Time seems so scarce to get everything done on time! Looking at the purple set above reminds me of why I enjoy making jewelry - putting together pretty colors and unique or regular pieces so that when it is all done, a really pretty set of jewelry is finished. Simple can be beautiful, too!

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